In addition to selling a wide range of shipping containers, you can also contact us if you wish to purchase an effective shipping container roof. It’s a sturdy, durable, yet cost-effective solution.

What are the advantages of a shipping container roof?

If you take a look at many construction, mining, or other sites, there is often unused empty space between containers. Erecting a roof between shipping containers transforms these empty spaces into additional functional space. Importantly, it does this without increasing the overall footprint of the site.

It’s an affordable way to provide additional facilities on site. Using a roof can provide space for storage, shelter for on site equipment, workshops, offices, and much more.

Furthermore, as an added benefit, erecting a roof will also provide better drainage. This is especially important in the rainy season!

Erecting a roof between two containers is useful, practical, and affordable.

Empty space is transformed into something useful. This is hugely beneficial on all kinds of commercial, industrial, and construction sites. Our rooves are constructed to be strong and durable. Quality is a high priority.

Your container cover can be as simple or as complex as you need it to be.

Simply need a durable over a dirt floor? Or would you prefer to construct a fully secure facility with all the extras? Perhaps something in between? Whatever your requirements, we will design and construct accordingly.

For more information, contact our experienced team. We will not only provide you with an affordable quote, but professional advice too!