General Purpose, High Cube and Side Loading Shipping Containers

At Perth Port Containers we have a huge range of shipping containers available, but by far the most commonly-used container is the standard general purpose shipping container…as a visit to Victoria Quay will show you! Popular for shipping and storing, they’re a common sight on ships, trains, trucks, worksites and properties – even in the most far-flung remote region of WA you’ll see a general purpose shipping container or three!

High cube and side loading containers are also popular standard containers, and we have a load of them as well, in 20-foot, and 40-foot sizes.

Move, Manage, Modify

General purpose, high cube and side loading containers are the most commonly used for transporting and storing goods, but they also make a perfect base for modifying into something new – like houses, workshops, tradeshow exhibits, cafés and pop-up shops. You can buy a general purpose container and add a few accessories, or get us to modify a container to your specific requirements. Take a look at our special projects page here, and see the amazing things that can be done with a general purpose shipping container.

Types of General Shipping Containers Available

Here at Perth Port Containers, we have both used, and new (also known as ‘one trip’) containers available. Made out of solid steel, stackable up to 8 containers high, windproof, pestproof, waterproof, easily transportable, designed to withstand hundreds of journeys on ship or rail, they are incredibly strong and versatile, and can be used for a shipping a huge range of items.


Used Shipping Containers

Used shipping containers are great for shipping and storing goods. But beware! If you’re buying a used container, make sure you can either inspect it first or buy it from the experts who have checked it for you and who will give you your money back if you’re not satisfied. (Yes, that would be us! All our containers are given a 47-point ‘health check’, and come with a money back guarantee.) The last thing you want is an unreturnable shipping container that you bought for a storage solution arriving on your doorstep with an irremovable smell from the batch of fertiliser it last carried…!

New or ‘One Trip’ General Shipping Containers

Don’t want a used container? Like your products shiny and new? If you need a container in perfect condition to ship or store your goods long term, a new container is the one for you. But just so you know, ‘New’ shipping containers are also known as ‘one trip’ containers. That’s because it would be a waste of money and energy sending an empty shipping container to Perth from wherever it was constructed….so it will often arrive carrying a load of something light and clean, like boxes of light foodstuffs or clothes. It is still considered new, even though it has done one trip. We have plenty of one trip (or new!) containers for sale, so if that’s what you’re after, give us a call.

High Cube Shipping Containers

When you want extra space for your storage or shipping, a high cube container is a good option. A high cube container is exactly the same as a general purpose shipping container, but it has an extra foot in height. (Note, when shipping goods, whilst you do gain extra space, the weight of the goods you are shipping are restricted to the same weight that a standard shipping container gives you. So high cubes are great for light loads, because you can fit more in, but may not be required for heavy loads. Used and new high cube containers are also very popular for converting, especially into living or working spaces, because the extra foot in height gives extra headroom. We have both available at Perth Port Containers, in 20 foot and 40 foot sizes.

Side Loading Shipping Containers

General purpose shipping containers have two standard double doors at the end of a container and that’s it. The beauty of a side opening shipping containers is that it still has those standard double doors, but one whole side of the container opens out into two doors as well. The extra access that this gives makes side opening shipping containers much easier to load and unload by forklift, plus makes it easier to access goods in general. This is a real boon for storage, because you don’t have to unpack the whole container to get to goods at the back. At Perth Port Containers, we have standard 20-foot side opening containers readily available, and can modify a 40-foot container to become side-opening if required.

Of course you will need extra space for the doors to open on the loading side – something to keep in mind when siting your container. At the same time, having the end doors means that the container can be stacked closely together and still maintain access.


‘Grand Design’ your General Shipping Container

A general purpose container is pretty basic, and if that’s all you need, great. However, you can also add accessories or modifications – big or small – to get the precise container you want. Using it for storage? You may want to add a lockbox, whirlybird, air vent or shelving. Using it as a workshop? Lighting, power-points and work-benches can be easily added. We can also paint your container to suit your branding. If you have a big idea for a small business, or need a specialised container for festivals, trade shows, or art exhibits, then we can also help. At Perth Port Containers we have access to one of the largest container modification facilities in Australia and a great team of conversion experts who can turn your big steel box into an impressive creation.

Reach New Heights with a High Cube Container

High cube containers are popular for conversion in living and working spaces, because the extra foot in height gives a naturally higher ceiling. High cube containers are in high demand for tiny homes and shipping container house conversions … you can build a really funky, economical, and environmentally-friendly house or bush retreat from just a few high cube containers. A quick squiz on Google (try ‘cargotecture or ‘shipping container homes’) can show you some fantastic examples of how high cube shipping containers can become great homes.

Open Up a Side Opening Container

Side opening shipping container also make popular conversion items, because the side doors open out to give a surprisingly spacious workspace or retail area. You could even replace the doors with sliding glass doors for a great exhibition space or backyard playroom for the kids. A few lights and powerpoints …perfect! Easily transported, inexpensive and ready to go.

Perth Port Containers Has a Container for You!

If you’re looking for a shipping container, to use for shipping, storing, sleeping, working or just having fun… Perth Port Containers has the perfect container for you. And if you need it in a hurry, we can get one to you ASAP – within 24 hours if you live in Perth, and within a few days elsewhere. And remember, all our containers are covered by a 100% Money Back Guarantee – a hugely important factor when you’re dealing with something as huge as a shipping container! So whether you need a general purpose, high cube or side loading shipping container, fill out the quote form or give us a call on 0414 371 155 and we’ll arrange everything for you.