Dangerous Goods Shipping Containers Perth

Under Australian Hazardous Goods regulations, dangerous or hazardous goods need to be classified labelled, packaged, stored and transported in a specific way. Need a dangerous goods container? Here at Shipping Containers Perth we have you – and your dangerous goods – completely covered. (Except for those dangerous goods that need to be NOT covered – in which case, we have an open but secure container for that too!) Seriously though – and this is definitely a serious subject, if you need dangerous goods containers for your worksite, you need to be certain that the container you buy is of the very highest quality, and properly made. Anything less could is a risk that could endanger the lives of you, your workers, and the public. And it could be the end of your business as well.

Certified and Secure Dangerous Goods Containers

Shipping Containers Perth has many years of experience in the dangerous goods storage requirements that industry requires, and we have a wide range of shipping containers which have been created especially for the storage and transportation of dangerous or hazardous goods. Industries we have served include construction, mining, energy, agriculture, fuel, storage and transportation industries. Our experience has given us the leading edge in the technologies required to build the best in dangerous goods containers, and all our containers adhere to Australian government requirements, ensuring that you are complying with the law, and that your dangerous goods are properly secured and stored.

What Kind of Dangerous Goods Container Do You Need?

When storing or transporting dangerous or hazardous goods, a container certified to Australian standards is required. Shipping Containers Perth has a large range of HAZMAT-certified containers available, which can be used to store or transport dangerous goods in classes 2 to 9. These include toxic and corrosive substances, flammable liquids, flammable solids, oxidising agents, organic peroxides, gas cylinders and a range of miscellaneous dangerous goods. Spill-proof and secure, with welded steel flooring, lockable valve tap, internal safety handle and front steel bund wall, and appropriate ventilation requirements, a Dangerous Goods container will keep your dangerous goods completely contained and completely secure.

Dangerous Goods Containers Features:

  • Storage capacity: 4,000 litres – (3m unit) & 10,000 litres – (6m unit)
  • Australian made
  • Plates & signage if required
  • Double opening end doors
  • Welded steel flooring
  • RHS floor frame
  • Internal safety handle
  • Weatherproof vents
  • Front steel bund wall
  • Non-spark industrial mesh floor covering (except in Class 2 Dangerous Goods)
  • Lockable valve tap
  • Fully painted

HAZMAT Certified Dangerous Goods Containers Available:

  • Class 2 Dangerous Goods Unit (Gas Cylinder Storage) – AS 4332-2004.
  • Class 3 Dangerous Goods Unit (Flammable Liquids) – AS 1940-2004.
  • Class 4 Dangerous Goods Unit (Flammable Solids) – AS/NZS 5026-2012.
  • Class 5.1 Dangerous Goods Unit (Oxidising Agents) – AS 4326-2008.
  • Class 5.2 Dangerous Goods Unit (Organic Peroxides) – AS 2714-2008.
  • Class 6.1 Dangerous Goods Unit (Toxic Substances) – AS/NZS 4452-1997.
  • Class 8 Dangerous Goods Unit (Corrosive Substances) – AS 3780-2008.
  • Class 9 Dangerous Goods Unit (Miscellaneous Dangerous Goods) – AS/NZS 4681-2000.

What Size Container Do You Need?

Here at Shipping Containers Perth we have dangerous goods storage containers available in 3 metre (holds approx 4000 litres) and 6 metre (holds approx 10,000 litres) sizes. Each container is constructed under the highest quality conditions and complies with Australian Standards regarding the storage and transport of dangerous and hazardous goods, ensuring that you, your workers, the public, your equipment and your business are safe.


Non-Standard Containers Also Available

Deal with a lot of dangerous goods? Need more space? Loading and unloading constantly? At Shipping Containers Perth we also have 20-foot high cube side opening containers available, and we can even create customised 40-foot side opening containers if you require. A side opening containers gives a lot more access to the container, and can make loading and unloading much easier.

Need a Specialised Dangerous Goods Container? We Can Create One for You

Though originally designed for dangerous goods, our dangerous or hazardous goods containers can also be used for any goods that may not necessarily be dangerous, but do need to be kept secure – for instance, liquid goods that have a high risk of spillage. In fact we can create a container for any requirement – dangerous or hazardous or otherwise. So if you have a special project, or need a particular style of container designed, just let us know and we can work with you to provide exactly the kind of container you need. Remember, we are the experts in custom-built containers, and are experienced in the requirements that a dangerous goods container requires by law. And we offer some of the best prices too!

Safety is of Paramount Importance

Working with dangerous goods is a dangerous business! Apart from the high costs to your business if it is discovered you are not compliant, there is the very real risk of workplace accidents, injury and loss of life. So you don’t want to risk anything less than the best. For the best in Dangerous and Hazardous Goods containers, Shipping Containers Perth is the company to choose. Need a dangerous goods container? Give us a call on 0414 371 155 or fill out the quote form and let us look after everything for you.

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