Container Hire Perth

If you need to hire a shipping container, Shipping Containers Perth Pty Ltd makes it easy for you. You can choose from General Purpose, High Cube and Refrigerated containers, with the price starting from just $4 a day – a great option for storing or shipping. Arranging your shipping container hire is as easy as giving us a call on 0414 371 155 – we’ll do all the rest!

Whether it’s for Personal or Business Hire – We Can Help

Should you hire or buy? Both options are available through Shipping Containers Perth ,so it really depends what’s best for you. Certainly if you want a shipping container as a permanent structure, or have years of shipping goods ahead, then buying is probably the best option. But if you only need storage for a short time, or are wondering if a shipping container is right for your needs, hiring one is a great choice, especially as Shipping Containers Perth sort out all the finer details for you. Most importantly, we ensure the container is in good condition (you would be surprised what some containers have held!) and can remove the container whenever you want. (Shipping containers are great, but big life changes can suddenly make their presence a big issue if you need to relocate or move in a hurry!)

If you have a seasonal business, or one that only uses a container occasionally, hiring a container to ship your goods is probably a better option than buying a shipping container you don’t have room to store (or don’t want to pay storage fees for). You may need extra space to ship or store goods that need to stay cool (prawns, crays and oysters at Christmas for instance) – our refrigerated containers provide an instant cool-room that can be moved at will. Holding a big event or conference with a load of promotional goods required? A shipping container can be shipped in for the duration, then shipped out again. Need to protect a big shipment of expensive goods that will sell out quickly? Shipping containers are VERY secure!

If you’re renovating or building, hiring a shipping container is also a great investment, with a multitude of uses. You can store the contents of your house, keep building equipment secure, even use it to sleep in until the house gets to lock-up stage or is habitable again. And of course if you’re heading off overseas, around Australia, or relocating for work for a while, a shipping container on your property can store the stuff you don’t want to leave in the house. (It’s great for decluttering, too!)

Shipping Containers Available for Hire

We have three types of containers available for hire at Perth Port Containers in 20 foot and 40 foot sizes at very competitive prices: general purpose, high cube containers (similar to general purpose but with an extra foot in height) and refrigerated containers. They’re watertight and secure, solid as a rock, can be shipped in and out very easily, and will protect your precious goods in transit or storage easily. Not sure what size you’ll need? We can help there. We’ve loads of experience in choosing the right shipping container for our customers, and can help out with weights, dimensions, uses and restrictions.


Moving? Try our Load Yourself Removals Hire Service

Moving is so much fun – said no-one, ever! And it can cost a bomb as well. But if you don’t mind a little lifting, or are the type of person that likes to do things themselves, then Shipping Containers Perth can help you save a load of money with our terrific Load Yourself Removal Service. It’s easy, and it requires NO removalists! Simply put, you get a shipping container delivered to your property. You pack up all your worldly goods at your leisure (or rope in friends and family to do it in an afternoon…food and beer helps a bit here, as do gentle reminders of all the favours you have done them over the years.) Once your container is packed up snug and tight, we come and do the really heavy lifting and remove it. If you’re moving straight in to new premises, we can take it there and you can unpack it again, at your leisure. If you need your container stored, that can be arranged too. It’s a great way to move, without the huge expense and stress that removalists can bring.

Any Limitations on the Container Hire Period?

Here at Shipping Containers Perth we don’t have a limit as to how long you can hire a shipping container, and we also don’t have any set contracts, so you can hire a container for as long or as short as you like. However, there is a minimum hire contract for 3 months. Yes, we did just say that you could hire a container for as short as you liked, and you can! We can remove the container at any time before the three months is up. So though you pay for 3 months (if you do the maths, you’ll find that this still works out very economically) we can arrange to remove the container at your convenience. If you want a container for a very long time, you may be better off buying, but we’ve had customers who’ve hired for years…it just works well for them. (We think it will work well for you too!)

Shipping Container Hire Costs

We also think you’ll be surprised at how little it costs to hire something so large! In fact, hiring your shipping container from Shipping Containers Perth can be as little as $4 a day – probably less than your daily coffee habit. When you compare this to other storage options that you still have to arrange a truck to get your goods to (especially ones close to the city centre) there are plenty of great reasons to hire a shipping container. Plus there’s the convenience of having 24 hour access to your storage, no transport required!

Checking out Council Restrictions is a Good Idea

Now that we’ve shown you the benefits of hiring a shipping container, we should warn you that some councils may have restrictions or guidelines about putting a shipping container on your property. It is worth giving your council a call to find out if there are any issues before your container is getting offloaded from the truck!


Shipping Container Delivery

Delivering a shipping container is a big job – literally – but it’s not actually hard. Trust us, we’ve been delivering shipping containers for a long time! Plus the beauty is that they’ve been designed for easy transportation. You do need a little bit of specialised equipment, but we’ve got all that under control. The important things you need to consider are whether you need footings like concrete or wood to keep the container off the ground, where you want your container to sit (a flat area is important) and whether there is any tricky access to your property. We can sort out these finer details when you call.

Shipping Container Delivery Times

When do you need your container? Our Perth depot means we can get your shipping container for you within a matter of days – very convenient! The far reaches of WA may take a little longer, wildly remote areas a bit longer still, but we can get things happening very quickly (important if you’re hiring a refrigerated container because your cool-room’s broken down!).

Perth Port Containers is the Place to Hire Your Shipping Container

Moving – it’s always stressful! But here at Shipping Containers Perth we can make it just that little bit less stressful by giving you time and space to do the packing yourself – no need to book a removalist. It’s simple. We bring a shipping container to your premises, so that you can pack all your goods and furnishings in your own time. When it’s full, we pick it up and deliver it to your new home. You also have the option of storing your goods if you’re not ready to receive them straight away – for example, if you need time to look for a place to live, or you have furnished accommodation as part of a relocation package. Once you’re ready to take delivery of your container, let us know, and we’ll take it to your new premises. You unpack the container (in your own time, your own way) and we take it away again. Easy, cheap, and a lot less stress.

Shipping Containers Perth – the Container Hire Specialists

Here at Shipping Containers Perth we’ve been selling and hiring shipping containers to many satisfied customers for years, from the general public to big businesses alike. We want to make your shipping container hire experience a great one, so we make the process as easy as possible. Another benefit of hiring from Shipping Containers Perth. You get a guarantee of quality that’s second to none. All our containers go through a detailed ‘Health Check’ and if your container is not suitable in any way, we give your money back. Remember, our hire rates are exceptional value, and we don’t lock you in to any set contracts. Need to hire a shipping container? Call now on 0414 371 155 or fill out the quote form and let us look after everything for you.