Shipping Containers for Sale Perth

Shipping Containers Perth is one of Australia’s leading manufacturers of shipping containers for sale in Perth, so when you want to buy a shipping container, choosing who to buy it from is a no-brainer. We offer top deals on new, used and modified shipping containers, and can deliver right across Perth and Western Australia – your shipping container can be with you within 24 hours.

100% Australian Owned and Operated with Loads of Experience and Know-How

Back in 2005, we started out simply buying and selling used shipping containers. Over the years we learned a lot about what industry needed in shipping containers and these days we have a wide shipping range that has expanded in a big way! Whatever you need, we can supply it, including new and specialised general purpose, high cube, side loading, flat rack, open top, insulated, and refrigerated containers. We also began modifying shipping containers to suit particular industry needs, and now have a huge range of modified containers including accommodation containers, site offices, first aid rooms, lunch rooms, portable ablution blocks, dangerous goods containers and more. We also custom-modify shipping containers to specific requirements – all our modifications are done in our Australian-based purpose-built modification centre by experienced conversion specialists, so are you assured of top quality.

Shipping Containers for Sale in Perth

Shipping containers are used for lots of things these days, but of course they were originally designed to make transporting goods a standardised and seamless operation when being transferred from train to truck to ship to warehouse. Do you need just a general purpose shipping container to ship goods? We’ve got hundreds of them! Need to load your goods by crane? A top loader is ideal. Have an awkwardly shaped load that won’t fit a standard container? A flat rack container can help out there. We also have side loading containers (easy access with a fork lift) and refrigerated and insulated containers that will keep your precious foodstuffs in pristine condition.

Buy Shipping Containers for Easy Worksite Solutions

Big developments need a lot of workers…and those workers need infrastructure. Site offices, accommodation, toilets, lunchrooms…even computer server rooms and first aid rooms. And of course, all that infrastructure needs to be removed once the job is done. Shipping containers have been a boon for the mining and construction industries, and here at Shipping Containers Perth, we have a huge range of converted and modified shipping containers that you can ship in when required, and move on when you’re finished. Shipping containers available for sale include everything you need to set up a fully-functioning worksite – we also offer specialised training containers and dangerous good containers.


Accessories for Shipping Containers

You can buy a ready-modified container, or you can add particular accessories to get a custom-crafted container that’s perfect for your needs. Lock-boxes, doors, windows, paint, ramps, shelves, electrical fit-outs, air-conditioning, and insulation are just some of the extra accessories available. Check out our extensive accessories list here, or call and discuss your specific requirements and we can arrange something for you.

Buy a Shipping Container to Build a Business

A shipping container can make a great base for your business. Want to open a shop but don’t like the expensive rent? A shipping container conversion could be just the thing. Are you a barista who only needs a small space to make a splash with great coffee and a few tasty snacks? A shipping container would give you lots of street cred. Like the idea of a funky wine or whisky bar? A shipping container bar has lots of industrial chic appeal, and it’s secure too. Shipping Containers Perth Pty Ltd are specialists in converting containers, and we can help create a great business opportunity for you. Take a look here to see the awesome things that we can do with a shipping container with a little-bit of know-how and an angle grinder. (O, Ka lot of know-how, and some pretty specialised equipment!) We love working with our customers to come up with a great idea, so give us a call and see what we can do.

Buy a Shipping Container to Gain Extra Living Space

A shipping container on your property or even tucked into your backyard is a pretty cool way to gain extra living space. Always dreamed of having your own office away from the TV and kids? Easy. Sick of listening to the doof doof from your teen’s bedroom? Give them their own space to hang out in. A shipping container works great as guest accommodation, a craft room, workshop, outdoor room, TV room, or meditation space. If you need space, a 20ft shipping container can give you an extra room or maybe a 40ft shipping container, at a really cost-effective price, almost instantly!

Buy a Shipping Container to Store All Your Stuff

House a little too small, but don’t want to part with anything – and don’t want to buy another house? A shipping container for storage can help there. Perhaps you’ve got the caravan ready to go, and want to rent out your house without incurring huge storage fees … you guessed it, a shipping container is the perfect solution. Garage stuffed full of stuff? Get a shipping container for your tools and toys, and you can reclaim the garage for the car.

Buy a Shipping Container for Extra Tourist Accommodation

If you run a tourist business, there’s plenty of shipping container accommodation options you can choose from. We have a range of stylish self-contained cabins complete with kitchens, bedrooms and ensuites that are perfect for the tourist trade. Or you can take advantage of the many backpackers who are happy to save money by sharing, and simply ship in a few bunk style containers. Whatever form of shipping container accommodation you decide upon, we can help create it for you.


Buy a Shipping Container and Create a Great Studio or Workshop

Do you have an artistic talent you want to share? A shipping container studio or workshop is a brilliant way to share your talents. Painting, music, pottery, sculpture, candle-making, quilt-making, craft…a beautiful studio or workshop is easy to create out of a trendy shipping container! If your school or community centre needs extra room, an insulated, air-conditioned shipping container classroom is a terrific solution.

Delivery of your NEW Shipping Container is Easy

Remember, shipping containers are designed to be moved easily. Plus we’ve been delivering shipping containers for years, so we know all the tips and tricks. Of course we will discuss delivery details with you when you call, to ensure that delivery of your container is easy and quick.

What’s the Cost to Buy a Shipping Container?

Not as much as some people think! Of course it does depend on the type of shipping container, and what you are planning to use it for, so the easiest way to get an accurate idea is to give us a call with your requirements and we can give you a quote. However, for a rough idea, a basic used container that want to use for storage options like a shed for instance, will come in at around two or three thousand dollars. Insulated, air-conditioned accommodation containers cost around $TBA, though we do have a great basic cabin for just $TBA. The best way to find out the price is to give us give us a call on 0414 371 155. Once we know what you’re looking for, we’ll be able to give you an accurate quote. We can also send you a copy of our current price list.

Buying your Shipping Container is Easy with Shipping Containers Perth!

Buying a shipping container is easy, but with a purchase as big as this one, you want to make sure you buy it from the experts! We’ve had years of experience in selling and buying shipping containers, and remember, all our containers come with a money-back guarantee. (You probably won’t get that off ebay or gumtree!) For guaranteed high quality and customer service, buy your shipping container from Shipping Containers Perth. Don’t hesitate. Fill out the quote form above or, give us a call on 0414 371 155. Easy!