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With Perth enjoying a financial boom, its seems like a new bar opens in the city almost every day, making this a great time for you to join the wave of new entrepreneurs. Shipping Containers Perth’s converted container bars are a fast, cost-effective way to launch your new and exciting business in the city or anywhere in Western Australia. They can be used as static, neighbourhood bars or installed on a temporary basis at festivals, open-air concerts, sports events and markets.

Shipping container bars are available in 20 or 40-foot lengths and can even be stacked to provide huge spaces for drinking and revelling. Designers have really embraced shipping container architecture, producing some truly inventive, eye-catching bars in towns all over Australia.

Convenient Pop-Up Bars for Perth Businesses

Perth is the sunniest capital in Australia with an average of 131 blue sky days a year. As a result, its citizens spend as much time as possible enjoying life in the open air. Large, outdoor events take place in the city throughout the calendar and temporary shipping container bars are the perfect way to keep the crowds fed and watered. Their portability means they can be rapidly installed at any site that’s accessible by truck, then simply packed up and moved to another location. One day you could be serving cold beers to surf fans at Cottesloe Beach and the next champagne at a swish polo tournament. Often you don’t even require planning permission for temporary structures but it’s wise to check first with the local authority.

Container Bars are Fully Customisable and Flexible Spaces

Shipping Containers Perth will install all the fixtures and fittings you require inside your new perth based shipping container bar – stylish lighting; refrigeration for drinks and snacks; stainless-steel work surfaces, sinks and shelving. It can be decorated in a style of your choice create a really original and appealing space.

Externally, you could stick with the industrial chic of an unadorned shipping container, much appreciated by Perth’s hipsters, or opt to disguise its utilitarian origin by installing glass sides, numerous windows and skylights, wood or plastic cladding and brightly coloured signage. Decking could also be installed to increase seating capacity, and you could even create a rooftop terrace as a sun trap.

Container Bars are a Great Way of Advertising and Promoting Your Business

Shipping container bars can be decked out in your company’s livery, to create a high-impact advertising message at any outdoor event. Parasols and retractable awnings could be emblazoned with your logo, and promotional staff hired to serve complimentary drinks and gifts. Your bar could easily become the star of any al fresco occasion – trade shows, exhibitions, farmers’ markets or sports events.

Rugged Construction Guarantees Years of Service

Built from corrosion-resistant, Corten steel, all Shipping Containers Perth’s units are built to withstand life traversing the planet’s wildest oceans, so they can certainly cope with anything Western Australia’s weather can throw at them. Sturdy construction has an additional benefit, in that it is a huge deterrent to would-be thieves, particularly if supplied with lock boxes to restrict the use of power-tools and bolt-croppers. This means that it will be relatively safe to leave your bar unattended overnight in remote locations.

We recommend that you opt for one of our insulated shipping containers, to maintain an ambient temperature during hot Perth summers or on cooler days, and also combat problems caused by condensation.

Shipping Container Dimensions

Shipping Container Dimensions for Container Bars

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