Side Opening Shipping Containers Perth

Side opening shipping containers facilitate faster loading and unloading, and are thought to have originally been developed for military purpose to rapidly deploy armoured vehicles, artillery and other equipment. As with many practical military innovations, side opening shipping containers were soon rolled out for commercial use and form an important part of Shipping Containers Perth’s extensive, intermodal range.

Available in 20 or 40-foot versions, all our side opening shipping containers are constructed from corrugated, corrosion-resistant Corten steel which is the industry standard. It will remain watertight, regardless of what the ocean can throws at it and also resists corrosion from salt water, ensuring consignments are kept nice and dry. The average container will give you up to 20 years of steadfast service if maintained in accordance with manufacturer’s guidelines. This includes regular painting and checking of watertight door seals and hinges.

Side Opening Containers Offer Easier Access via Wide Side Doors

Before the advent of side opening shipping containers, oversized loads would often have to be broken down into more manageable chunks which was both time-consuming and expensive. Having both conventional 270˚-opening end doors plus wide side doors makes life a lot easier for hauliers and warehousemen. In tight spaces substantial lengths of timber, girders and piping can simply be loaded from the side rather than via the ends which would require a lot more clearance for forklifts to manoeuvre.

Effectively Manage the Issue of Condensation

Shipping containers around the world have issues with condensation gathering at the top of the units due to high or low temperatures and moisture evaporating from certain loads. Shipping Containers Perth have a number of ways to combat this problem, including ventilation and special ‘Absorpoles’ that suck up any damp in the air. That way any vulnerable cargoes, like flour and rice, will be fully protected. Please enquire about anti-condensation measures when requesting your quote.

Vandal-Proof Container Storage Facilities

In remote compounds outside Perth without onsite security, consignments are vulnerable to vandals and thieves but the heavy-duty steel construction of our side opening shipping containers is a real deterrent. Our engineers can also fit sturdy lock boxes to stop make it impossible to use angle-grinders and bolt-croppers to cut padlocks. Alarm systems can also be fitted in high-risk areas, so you can remain confident that your load will be kept as secure as possible.

Shipping Container Modification Specialists

The modification of shipping containers has become something that interior designers and architects have a lot of fun with, attracted by the relatively low cost and green credentials of recycling and upscaling these adaptable steel boxes.

A standard 20-footer could easily be converted into a busy pop-up café in the Perth CBD, serving trendy street food to passers-by. Or perhaps you could set up a coffee shop on Fremantle’s legendary ‘Cappuccino Strip’ for all those coffee-obsessed hipsters and students!

There are really few limits to the re-purposing of side-opening shipping containers. They can be used as temporary shops, hair salons, nail bars and restaurants. They also make great offices and can even be stacked to maximise space. On construction sites and sheep stations, for example, they can provide shelter from the elements for both livestock and workers. They can be extensively fitted out to your specifications with power for lighting and other ancillaries supplied from the mains or generator. If remaining static they could also be plumbed into local water supplies and sewer systems.

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