Shipping Container Cafes Perth

Perth has a vibrant café scene that’s growing at a rate of knots, thanks in part to the mining boom, making this the ideal time to launch a new coffee shop or espresso bar in the city. Shipping Containers Perth offer you a fast and relatively cheap way for you to get your business off the ground – shipping containers repurposed as stylish and welcoming cafés.

Shipping Containers Perth are experts in making creative modifications, taking our standard, steel boxes and working with architects and designers to produce vibrant spaces that will have Perth and Fremantle’s coffee cognoscenti flocking in droves. All you require is a small patch of land in a busy neighbourhood, planning permission and a top notch barista!

A Cheap Way to Begin Your New Container Café Adventure

Shipping Containers Perth have the experience to help you launch your new café or diner in a matter of weeks rather than months. You can choose between 20 or 40-foot containers, manufactured from extremely rugged Corten steel which is the shipping industry standard and built to withstand life on the world’s oceans. This is usually a far cheaper way to start a business than renting from a third party or building one from scratch. And the beauty of portable shipping containers is that it’s as really easy to pack them up on a truck and move to a new location. With neighbourhoods often blowing hot and cold in terms of desirability and coolness factor, you can simply head to where the action is. Northbridge, for example, has risen up the charts to become one of Perth’s most desirable locations and other urban centres like Mount Lawley, Leederville and Subiaco are brimming with new developments.

Adding Real Style to your Sipping Container Café

You can see a shipping container as a blank canvas on which to project your personal sense of style and design. You may want to develop a theme for your café, perhaps something tried and tested, like an American diner experience, or maybe you have a unique vision to bring the people of cosmopolitan Perth an entirely new dining and drinking experience. Our engineering team at Shipping Containers Perth will add all the design features you specify to make your business really stand out in the crowd – windows and skylights; timber or plastic cladding; attractive signage; and even stairs leading to relaxing rooftop seating areas.

Meanwhile, inside the spacious shipping container, we can undertake full electrical installation, ensuring you can run all your kitchen equipment and coffee machines; not to mention the indispensable music system! We can also fit lighting rigs, counters, stainless steel food preparation areas, serving hatches, seating and even handy toilets.

Portability Opens Up So Many Options With a Container Cafe

Provided our trucks can access the site, we can deliver your shipping container café and quickly install it using Hiab cranes. Perth and Fremantle are blessed with a huge number of attractive locations in which to start serving all those lattés and frappuccinos. You could opt for a bustling, riverside location like Victoria Park with its host of Asian restaurants and high footfall. Or maybe you prefer to set up shop in a quiet suburb like Duncraig or family-friendly Karrinyup in the north-west, where ladies love to lunch. Often you can find suitable sites that have been mothballed by developers for various reasons but would still provide great locations for pop-up cafés or restaurants. Just remember you will always need to check id planning permission is required by the local council.

How About Installing a Pop-Up Café at your Perth Sports Club?

Whether it’s Aussie rules, cricket or soccer, the people of Perth love to watch sport and often work up great hunger and thirst in doing so. Rather than have them bring picnics or have to find refreshments off-site, why not provide a convenient, shipping container café which will also supplement your club’s income?

A 20 or 40-foot steel shipping container can have a kitchen and installed and serving hatches cut, so you can start churning out hot dogs, burgers, French fries, sandwiches and ice cold beers to all those happy fans. You could surround the unit with decking, parasols and seating to create a welcome oasis on a hot summer’s day.

Highly Secure Steel Pop-up Cafes Bring Peace of Mind

The rugged, steel construction of all Shipping Containers Perth’s units ensures they are resistant burglary and vandalism, meaning they are relatively safe to leave unattended overnight. Our engineers can fit tough lock boxes to deter attacks using angle-grinders and bolt-croppers. They can also install steel shutters to protect windows.

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