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Insulated Shipping Containers Perth

If your business requires goods to be refrigerated or insulated, then get your refrigerated shipping container or insulated container from the best in shipping containers at Perth Port Containers. Perth and WA’s high temperatures are world-famous, so when you need to keep your cool, it’s vital to get the best. We have both refrigerated and insulated shipping containers available at a competitive price, and we can get your container out to you quickly and easily. Storing, transporting or simply keeping your goods chilled, frozen, or at a stable, steady temperature is easy with Perth Port Containers. We also offer insulated containers that can be converted into many other uses as well, including storage and residential solutions.

Insulated Shipping Containers from Perth’s #1 Container Company

Shipping Containers Perth hire out and sell the highest quality, insulated shipping containers at extremely competitive rates. They are manufactured in Australia and a great choice for shipping or storing loads that don’t require refrigeration yet would still benefit from being kept at an even temperature.

Our spacious, insulated shipping containers can be delivered to you by truck, often within 24-hours, and are available in 20 or 40-foot lengths and 8’6” or 9’6” (high cube) heights. They are suitable for the transportation and storage of dry goods; cut flowers and plants; cereals and grains; carpets and rugs; or any other loads that don’t need to be kept at a specific temperature to stop them from spoiling. Unlike refrigerated containers, there’s no need for an external power supply. They are also ‘intermodal’ meaning they can be easily transferred from rail to ship to truck without the time and expense of unloading their cargo.

Insulated Containers are Ideal for Short-Term Storage or Short-Hop Journeys

Insulated shipping containers often form a vital part of a ‘cold chain’ by keeping goods at an even temperature during distribution. This makes them perfect for shorter journeys across Perth and Western Australia, and useful as contingency storage for businesses that need to find extra space in a hurry or at peak times of year. Margaret River’s many wine producers, for example, often need increased storage capacity for their grapes at harvest time but don’t want the unnecessary expense of building a permanent structure from bricks and mortar. Instead, hiring an insulated shipping container would be a cost-effective solution. Our order turnaround time is impressive and when harvest is over we can simply take the container away.

Purpose-Built or NOR Containers

Most of our insulated shipping containers are purpose-built here in Australia using Corten steel and lined with high-performance insulation material to maintain an ambient temperature for limited periods, regardless of external weather conditions. As a budget alternative we also offer our NOR (Non-Operational Refrigerated) containers. These are recycled from fully refrigerated shipping containers that have had their refrigeration units removed or decommissioned, but retain their highly effective layers of insulation. Please be aware that a small area of load space will be lost due to the presence of the refrigeration housing.

Multi-Purpose Storage Spaces

With sizes as long as 40-feet and heights of up to 9’6”, our insulated shipping containers can handle large amounts of cargo and can be used on a short or long-term basis, depending on the nature of the goods. Insulation has an added benefit, in that it helps prevent the formation of potentially damaging condensation on the roof and top few inches of the container. This means that insulated containers are great for storing various dry goods; rice and flour; carpets and rugs; fabrics and soft furnishing; or important documents and books that could easily be damaged by moisture intrusion.

Insulated Containers as Temporary Accommodation

A great deal of Perth and Western Australia’s commercial operations take place outdoors and are labour-intensive, meaning large numbers of workers are frequently exposed to long periods of sunshine which can be extremely hazardous and a major health-and-safety concern. Shipping Containers Perth can take an insulated unit and convert it into a welcome refuge from searing summer heat which can rise above 40˚C.  If portable air-conditioning is brought in, staff could even sleep there between shifts to avoid long journeys in and out of the city.

Refrigerated, Insulated, NOR Containers, Reefers …What’s the Difference?

The differences are pretty basic, actually! First up, refrigerated containers. Like a normal household fridge, a refrigerator has a motor and is required to be plugged in to a power source (either fixed, or generator-driven) on the ship, truck or train being used to transport the container. It also has a variable temperature control that regulates the temperature (generally between +25° C and -25° C). At Shipping Containers Perth our refrigerated containers are available in 3-phase 20-foot and 40-foot sizes. Single phase containers are also available.

Insulated Containers

Insulated containers don’t have a motor. They rely only on their heavy-duty insulation properties to maintain a steady temperature. They are surprisingly effective at maintaining a cold chain. Often, frozen goods being delivered only a short distance, or over a short time will be transported via an insulated container rather than a refrigerated container. Of course goods that are travelling a long distance will need a refrigerated container.

NOR Insulated Containers

The NOR stands for ‘non operational’. These containers are refrigerated containers where the motor no longer works and has been removed. However, because refrigerated containers come with heavy duty inbuilt insulation, they are still useful as insulated containers after their refrigerated days are over.

Purpose-Built Insulated Containers

Originally used for shipping and transporting goods, shipping containers are now being used for many other purposes. Insulated containers are perfect for storing goods that need a steady temperature (an un-insulated general purpose container can get very hot in summer and very cold in winter) and are also good for converting into living spaces. Note, insulation is a very important consideration when using a shipping container to live or work in – just ask anyone who has tried to live in one without it!

NOR & Insulated Purpose-Built Shipping Containers

We also provide NOR containers (with the motor removed) and purpose-built insulated containers for sale in 20 foot and 40 foot sizes.


Add Accessories, or Customise your Container Here

We have a range of other accessories that can be added to your refrigerated or insulated container as well, including doors and windows, air-conditioning, ramps and shelves. Lighting, butcher doors, lock boxes and more are also available. Remember, the beauty of a shipping container is that it’s completely portable, so you can move your customised container to your next site or operation easily and efficiently.

Portable Coolroom Solutions

A refrigerated shipping container is ideal for extra cool room storage. If you have a seasonal business that requires extra cool room space for a short time, but don’t need a container for the rest of the year, then a hiring a refrigerated shipping container is the perfect solution. Cool-room broken down or being repaired or upgraded? Ship in a container for the duration – easy! (And extremely cost-effective as well.) Restaurants, worksites, minesites, holiday parks, construction sites, film sites, festivals, large functions – if you need a large and portable refrigeration solution, we’re the people to provide it for you!

Do You Need an Insulated Container for Storage?

General purpose shipping containers are great for items that need storing for a short time, or don’t need a steady temperature, but if you’re storing your goods for a long time, and want to keep them in peak condition, then an insulated, ventilated shipping container is the best for you. Items that need to ‘breathe’ like books, documents, leather (leather lounges and cars with leather seats even) will all do better in an insulated shipping container. Love your wine? An insulated shipping container makes a great cellar, and it’s super secure too!

Insulation for Container Homes, Offices and Sheds

If you are using a general purpose container for storage or converting to use as a shed or workshop, we can arrange insulation for a standard container with 50mm Bondor to keep things a little more comfortable in our warm WA weather! If you’re looking at living, sleeping or working in a shipping container, then insulation is definitely required. Shipping containers are made of solid steel, perfect for standing up to the rigours of a long journey on a ship or stain, but absolutely useless for keeping out the cold and heat. An un-insulated shipping container is not suitable for living, sleeping or working in – particularly in a super-hot climate like Perth’s – so if you’re planning to convert a shipping container, insulation is essential. Better still, take a look at our ready-made accommodation, and see if one those suits … already insulated, complete with bathroom, kitchen and air-conditioning, they make a great dual home, studio, teenage retreat, office or extra living space for in-laws. They’re easy, and they’re a great price too!


Guaranteed Quality Keeps your Chilled Goods Safe

It’s safe to say that reliability and quality is important when hiring or buying a refrigerated shipping container! So whether you need to keep your goods frozen or chilled and whether you want to buy or hire your container, Shipping Containers Perth is the company to choose. Our refrigerated containers are of the highest quality, and come from respected brands and are inspected and pre-tripped before delivery. We also offer a breakdown service in major metro areas

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