Site Offices Perth

When you’ve got a big project on, you need a site office. One that can be shipped in ASAP, and shipped out again at the end. Mining sites, construction sites, development sites…wherever there’s work to be done, a site office is required. And where do you get a removeable site office in a hurry? From Shipping Containers Perth, that’s where. Shipping container site offices are the perfect choice for a site office, because they’re tough, robust, and easily transportable. And we can get one to you in Perth and surrounds within 24 hours. (And elsewhere in WA, within as long as it takes a truck to get to you.)

Insulated, air-conditioned and completely secure, a container site office is large enough to organise all the work with ease, and small enough to slot onto a worksite without getting in the way. Plus they’re stackable! So you can spread up, not out, and get a bird’s eye view of the work that’s being done at the same time.

Container Site Office Built to Last

Our shipping container site offices are one of the most popular containers that we sell. Made out of heavy duty weatherproof steel, designed to deal with rough ocean voyages and long train or truck trips, the rigours of a busy worksite are a cinch for them. They come equipped with everything you need for a busy worksite, including electrical outfit, phone and data fittings, air-conditioning and insulation, personnel doors and windows.

A Shipping Containers Perth portable site office is one of the strongest on the market, and offers impressive security. Need a specialised site office or extra fittings? Our accessories list makes that easy. Or we can customise your site office to suit whatever you need.

Site Office Features:

  • Transport or relocate with ease
  • Expandable, stackable, modular
  • Weatherproof, pest proof
  • Solid and secure
  • Choose from a range of sizes or layouts.
  • Ready to go, or modify to suit

Site Office Accessories Available:

  • Lighting and power fit out
  • Phone and data
  • Air-conditioning
  • Personnel door
  • Windows and shutters
  • Furniture and fittings

Customised Site Offices

If you just want a regular site office, we can ship one of our pre-designed ones out to you ASAP. But we can also modify or customise your site office in any way that you want. We have access to one of the biggest shipping container modification centres in Australia, and we are leaders in the field. Small or large modifications – we do them all. Whether you need a specialised floor, shelves, lockers, a storeroom or security cage or server room, we can arrange the perfect shipping container site office to suit you.

Set Up a Shipping Container Site Office At Home!

We are the specialists in purpose-built site offices for all industries and businesses, big and small. But you don’t necessarily have to be a business to benefit from one of our site offices. Put a site office in your backyard and use it to run the household, or your family’s busy life (or let the kids play their computer games out there, where you can see but not hear them!) Or use it as a workshop, study, design studio or reading nook or to run your blog from – whatever you desire. If you work from home, a site office will reap many benefits. Kids, dogs, spouses, neighbours and callers can eat up hours of your work time… plus it’s not much fun having your work intrude on your personal space. Remove yourself to your own site office and watch your productivity and efficiency soar.

We Have the Site Office You Need

When you need a transportable site office in a hurry, Shipping Containers Perth Pty Ltd is the place to get it from. We can ship one out to you within 24 hours, or we can build a purpose-built site office for you in just a few weeks. Fill out our quote form or call one of our team on 0414 371 155. We’ll be able to organise a site office quickly and easily, so you can get on with your work, pronto!

Shipping Containers Perth – your portable site office specialists!