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Shipping Containers Perth’s high cube shipping containers are one of three options we have (alongside open tops and flat rack containers) for transporting or storing taller consignments. At 9’6” the extra headroom is useful in itself but, in 40-foot version, it also provides a surprising 12% in increased volume over a standard 8’6” shipping container. 40-foot high cubes are so popular that they currently make up close to 50% of the world’s maritime container fleet.

All Shipping Containers Perth’s High Cube containers are manufactured from Corten steel, the gold standard in the shipping container world, thanks to its strength and superlative rust-retardant properties. The extremely tough, corrugated side panels offer the ultimate protection from wind, rain, ice, ocean waves and desert sand storms. 270˚-opening, watertight doors provide easy access for loading by hand or forklift truck. General purposehigh cube shipping containers are equally suited to short trips around Perth and Western Australia or international export and import. They are fully compliant with ISO standards.

High Cube Containers are a Great Solution to Shipping Taller Cargoes

Millions of tons of cargo are imported and exported each year via Fremantle Harbour, Western Australia’s busiest port, including many items that just won’t fit inside a standard 8’6” shipping container. The extra foot of height in high cubes is useful to hauliers shipping bulky loads, including tall vehicles and heavy plant headed for Western Australia’s huge mineral and energy industries. They can also be used for shifting all sorts of dry freight, agricultural produce, iron ore, timber and building materials. The extra height also allows for useful lighting rigs to be installed on request.

Intermodal Container Design for Simple Container Transfer

High Cube Shipping Containers are designed to be ‘intermodal’, meaning they are standardised and can easily be switched between alternative modes of transport – trucks, trains and ships – without their cargoes having to be unloaded and transferred to different types of container. Shipping terminal workers are well versed in managing high cubes using a combination of forklift trucks, grabs and specialised, dockside cranes that can safely manage the heaviest loads.

High Cube Containers – Safe and Secure Storage Facilities

Portable high cube shipping containers can be delivered anywhere in Perth, Fremantle, or across Western Australia, often at very short notice. We also have a wide network of depots in major cities across the country. This makes them ideal for those looking to source emergency storage space. This need could be triggered by farmers experiencing a sudden glut of produce at harvest time. Warehouses could get an unexpected surge in demand or shops may need extra space for stock. High cubes for safe, watertight storage are fast, cost-effective measures in these and many similar scenarios. If fitted with lock boxes, high cube shipping containers deter most thieves and vandals.

Effective Anti-Condensation Measures Make High Cubes the Logic Choice

If you are concerned about potential condensation issues, the bane of all steel shipping containers across the globe, Shipping Containers Perth have a number of effective methods for dealing with it. These include the installation of vents to promote airflow; dehumidifying units; and ‘Absorpoles’ which hang down between the corrugated panels and take moisture out of the air. Certain loads create more condensation than others, so it is important to be aware of the issue and take appropriate measures to prevent damage.

Full Container Modification Service from Western Australia’s Leading Container Company

Shipping Containers Perth are specialists in repurposing standard containers into a wide variety of different uses. Our engineers have successfully converted them into shops, offices, clinics, canteens, bar and cafés, to name but a few. Interiors can be fitted out to your precise specifications, often in conjunction with interior designers. We can install all the usual utilities plus lighting, heating, air-conditioning, kitchens, bathrooms heating and virtually anything else you request.

Need a Shipping Container Home?  We Do Those Too!

High cube shipping containers, being modular in design, are extremely versatile housing solutions. We could adapt a single unit into an attractive, waterfront bungalow; or containers of different sizes could be stacked and combined to create a multi-storey, Perth mansion with real wow factor! You can specify all the interior features you would expect in a conventional Australian home, often at a fraction of the total cost. But remember, you must always check if planning permission is required by contacting your local authority.

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