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All Shipping Containers Perth’s rugged flat rack shipping containers are built to the highest industry standards. We have an extensive network of depots from coast to coast, ensuring we can usually deliver a flat rack shipping container to you within 24 hours. Available in lengths up to 40-feet to rent or purchase; flat racks are the most efficient way to move over-height, extremely heavy loads and are the answer to a prayer for hauliers who’ve exhausted all other options.

Challenging Loads Handled With Ease on a Flat Rack Container

There will be occasions when consignments simply won’t fit through the doors of even a spacious high cube or side opening shipping container which is where our flat rack shipping containers come into their own. They are designed to haul extra-tall and/or heavy loads, including those landing at Fremantle and Perth’s freight terminals, bound Western Australia’s inland gas and oil fields which often demand a lot of heavy equipment. Such consignments include large earth-moving vehicles; industrial machinery; water and fuel tanks; large sheets of metal and glass; timber roof trusses for the construction industry; and even tall yachts.

Shipping Containers Perth’s marine-grade, Corten steel flat racks fully comply with international shipping standards and, needless to say, feature the essential forklift pockets. Nearly all the world’s major cargo terminals are equipped with the necessary cranes and grabs required to ensure safe loading and unloading of flat racks containing particularly heavy, over-height loads.

Rugged Steel Container Construction Designed to Carry the Heaviest Loads

Although our standard shipping containers are spacious solutions to transporting the majority of consignments in and out of Perth, there are occasions when their roofs and walls are just too restrictive. With our flat rack shipping containers this problem completely disappears, because they are totally flat, steel platforms offering exceptional weight-bearing capacity. This often makes them the only solution to moving cumbersome loads, such as the extremely heavy plant used in Western Australia’s numerous quarry operations and highway construction.

Flat rack shipping containers come in your choice of fixed or collapsible steel ends or no ends at all. Because there are no walls or ceiling, it’s especially important that loads are properly secured, using the steel lashing rings that we weld firmly to the bottom rails. Durable, hardwood or plywood floors screwed down to solid steel cross-members provide a level platform for your load.


Different Sizes Flat Rack Containers for Different Loads

With Shipping Containers Perth’s wide variety of customers, loads are seldom the same, meaning it’s important that we offer a range of different flat rack shipping containers for different applications.

  • 20-foot collapsible-end flat rack
  • 20-foot fixed-end flat rack
  • 20-foot platform flat rack
  • 40-foot collapsible-end flat rack
  • 40-foot fixed-end flat rack
  • 40-foot platform flat rack

Fixed-End Flat Rack Containers

Fixed-end flat racks are the answer to a prayer for many logistics managers, who’ve exhausted all other options for moving their over-height loads. Thanks to their rugged, Corten steel construction, they boast not only high load capacity but are also designed to be safely stacked on cargo decks to maximise space. Lashing-rings attached to the bottom rails and corner posts provide plenty of anchoring points to prevent load movement during transport, even in heavy seas or over rough terrain.

Collapsible-End Flat Racks

The advantage of collapsible end is that they allow ramps to be put in place, so that large vehicles such as those used in the construction industry, can be simply be driven straight onto the container platform without the need for cranes or grabs. Once they are in place and lashed down using the steel rings, the ends can be but back in place to provide extra security and stability.

Platform Flat Racks

When all other approaches fail and you have a truly gargantuan load to shift, such as a large yacht or perhaps a bulky steel tank bound for South Australia’s burgeoning oil industry, you may need to turn to one of our trusty platform flat rack shipping containers. They dispense entirely with ends, corner posts, roofs and walls to provide a huge, flat space for your consignment.

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