Refrigerated Shipping Containers Perth

Shipping Containers Perth bring you an extensive range of refrigerated shipping containers, available in lengths up to 40-feet and ideal for storing or transporting all your perishable loads both locally or overseas. Australian-made from rugged Corten steel, they are spacious, extremely reliable, available for rental or purchase, and can be delivered to any truck-accessible site in Western Australia, often within 24-hours.

High-tech refrigeration systems precisely monitor and regulate the interior temperature, regardless of exterior conditions, to guarantee the safe delivery of delicate consignments, including farm produce, drinks, chemicals and pharmaceuticals.

Refrigerated Containers are the Reliable Way to Ship Temperature-Sensitive Goods

Australian distances are notoriously vast and the thermometer often rises extremely high, meaning customers rely on our dependable, refrigerated shipping containers – also known in the haulage industry as ‘reefers’- to transport valuable loads that could easily spoil if the optimum temperature isn’t maintained throughout the journey. Once loaded on board special cargo freighters the temperature will continue to be monitored throughout the voyage by the ship’s control room with automatic alarms sounding if there is any fluctuation within a shipping container.

Western Australia has a thriving agriculture, much of its produce being marked for export via Fremantle Harbour; Western Australia’s busiest cargo port. Many of these loads are classified as perishable, including lamb and beef; dairy products; frozen fish; grapes and wine and need to be transported using reefers, as widely supplied by Shipping Containers Perth. A major benefit of our steel containers are that they are intermodal, meaning that loads no longer have to be unpacked and repacked when transferring between modes of transport – trucks, trains and ships. This not only speeds up transfer but also helps to maintain the important ‘cold chain’ at all stages of distribution. All our refrigerated shipping containers comply with international shipping regulations and are ISO-compliant.

Non-Operational Refrigerated Shipping Containers

When precise climate control isn’t a strict requirement but your load would benefit from being transported or stored at an even temperature, you have the budget option of Shipping Containers Perth’s NORs; essentially reefers that have had their refrigeration units either completely removed or decommissioned. The high-performance insulation remains in place which not only protects against external temperature fluctuations but also suppresses condensation, always a problem with any steel shipping container. NORs are a good choice when shipping or storing certain fruits and vegetables; cut flowers and plants; volatile chemicals; pharmaceuticals; important archived documents; carpets and soft furnishings that could be damaged by moisture.

Reefers as More Than Just Storage or Shipping

While Shipping Containers Perth’s reefers are primarily used for haulage and storage purposes, our customers also purchase them for a number of different, sometimes surprising, applications. With Perth’s summer temperatures averaging 25˚C, those working outside or enjoying leisure activities are often in need of respite.

We are experts at converting refrigerated shipping containers, for example, into store rooms for food and drink at events like large weddings, markets and festivals; when caterers can hire them for short periods to protect large quantities of food and drink from the Western Australian sun. They can also serve as canteens and welcome refuges from the summer heat for construction, mining and farm workers.

Reefers Modified to Your Specification

Our engineers are hugely experienced in adapting our refrigerated shipping containers and can install all the fixtures and fittings you require – handy shelving and cupboards; butchers’ doors; hook rails for meat carcasses; stainless steel work surfaces; access ramps; electrical power and plumbing. Because they are modular in design the containers can be arranged in many different configurations and even stacked.

Choose the Size That Best Fits Your Purpose

Standard refrigerated shipping containers or NORs are available to purchase or rent in capacious 20 or 40-foot lengths. Thanks to our extensive network of countrywide depots, they can be delivered throughout Australia at short notice. All sizes come with standard three-phase/415-volt power but you can also request single-phase on ordering. Temperature can be accurately set in a range of -25˚C to +25˚C. When they are at freight terminals or on ships, reefers can be connected to the local power supply. They can also be powered by generators when in transit via truck or rail to maintain the cold chain.

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