Modified Shipping Containers Perth

When you need a modified shipping container, there’s no better place to look than Shipping Containers Perth. We’ve got ready-made modified containers available to go straight away, or we can modify a container to suit your specific industry needs. With access to one of the biggest modification centres in Australia, we’re able to convert a plain shipping container into a work of awe…just ask us!

Ready-Made Modified Containers or Made to Order

If you’re familiar with construction or mining sites, you’ll no doubt already be aware of how a simple shipping container can be turned into a handy living or working space. Particularly handy, because it can be trucked in at a moment’s notice, and removed just as quickly. Or – conversely – a shipping container can become a permanent part of the landscape, with just a few additions and very little cost – great for extra room on your property.

Micro Business Container Solutions

Perth real estate is expensive, there’s no doubt about that. But don’t let that stop you from setting up your dream business! Cafés, bars, retail shops, studios, hairdressers, beauticians … you can build a pretty big micro business into a shipping container, with not much effort or cost.

Worksite Container Solutions

If you’re setting up or expanding a worksite, we have a huge range of modified shipping containers available, ready to go. Site offices, accommodation, ablution blocks, first aid offices, workshops, server rooms … ship a few of these in and Bob’s your uncle. Accommodation can be a big expense for a business – especially if it’s limited. When the hotels and caravan parks are all full and even Air B’n’B don’t get back to you, having your own accommodation that you can bring in is a pretty sweet solution. At Shipping Containers Perth you can choose from a huge range of modified shipping containers to cater to your precise needs. And if you’ve got very precise needs that an off-the-rack container won’t address, that’s not a problem. We can easily add some accessories, or create a specialised container especially for you!

Small Business Container Solutions

If you’re a small (or medium or huge) business, there’s a modified container to suit you – we’ve no doubts about that! Storage containers and refrigerated containers are a boon to business, but there are other ways a container can be converted to help a business. Run a business that doubles in trade over summer and shuts down over winter? A converted shipping container can act as both storage and extra business space … and be locked up for winter when you don’t need it. Often take your business travelling, but hate all the loading and unloading and the construction of exhibition booths that’s required? A shipping container trade stand is a godsend. Ship it in, open the doors, start handing out the brochures – easy! Need a workspace where you can make a mess? We can put in a floor that can be hosed out in seconds. There are hundreds of ways we can convert a shipping container to suit you – just ask.

Arts & Festivals

Travelling festivals are always fun, but only if you’ve got the infrastructure right. Toilets, ticket booths, exhibition spaces, food & drink outlets, chill-out spaces, first aid stations…keep your festival-goers happy with easy access to amenities and you’re way ahead. Museums, art organisations, festival organisers, events managers… Perth Port Containers are the ones to help modify your container into an amazing festival creation – just ask us! Need a swimming pool to perform Houdini-style tricks? A glass fronted container to show off your precious artefacts from a lost land? A clever portable stage or funky media room like these ones here? We can help.

Create Instant Living Space with a Container in your Back Yard

For most people, just one more room is required to make their house perfect. A playroom for the kids, a workshop, craft room, office, bedroom, parents retreat…not worth moving houses over, or even going to the expense and effort of extending or renovating. Just a small room…just for you! Get where we’re going? Of course you do! A modified shipping container in your backyard can give you a fantastic new space for not very much money at all. We have some ideal accommodation containers here which make great granny flats and guest accommodation – even a second income. But even a simple plain shipping container can make a great office, shed, workshop, craft-room, or playroom…whatever your ‘extra space’ dream is, a modified shipping container from Shipping Containers Perth can help realise it – at considerably less cost (and stress) than a new or bigger house.


Modifications Can Be Simple…

Modifications can range from very basic additions from our accessories list like lockboxes, shelves, ramps, windows and doors. You can also add speciality flooring, arrange electrical and phone outlets, insulation, air conditioning and hot water systems and more. Or you may just want the container painted with your logo and company colours. Whatever you want, we can do it for you, and then ship it out to you, wherever you are. Easy!

Or As Grand As You Want Them to Be…

Here at Shipping Containers Perth we are experts in the delicate art of shipping container conversion, and we can create a dream shipping container for you, complete with all the bells and whistles (or should that be with all the hydraulics and electronics!) So if you have a great idea, then give us a call and have a chat with our experienced conversion specialists.

The Best Modified Shipping Containers on the Market

Remember, all our modification work is done in Australia, and of course every one of our containers is covered by a 100% guarantee, so you can be assured of a top quality conversion. So whether you want a container that’s already modified and ready to go, or you have brilliant idea that just needs someone to build it, Shipping Containers Perth are the go. Don’t hesitate! Fill out the quote form above or give us a call on 0414 371 155 and let us help you get organised today.