Open Top Shipping Containers Perth

Open top shipping containers, manufactured by Shipping Containers Perth, are the answer to transporting cumbersome loads that won’t fit through the doors of a standard or high cube container. Their removable roof bows on an open top shipping container mean that consignments can simply be lowered in via crane. Open tops are 9’6” in height and can be delivered, often within 24 hours, to any truck-accessible location in Western Australia. We also cover the rest of the country via a network of container depots in all major Australian cities.

Awkward Loads No Longer a Problem With an Open Top Shipping Container

Our open top shipping containers come in 20 or 40-foot lengths and are built in Australia to handle oversize loads, such as drilling equipment and heavy plant bound for Western Australia’s vast mining, petroleum and gas industries. They can also house large fuel and water tanks plus unwieldy vehicles, such as earth-movers. There are also occasions when there’s insufficient space for forklifts to load longer items, like steel girders, timber and plastic pipes bound for Perth and Fremantle’s many construction sites; meaning the only realistic option is to load from above. There is, of course, always the option of the standard end door access if required.

Rugged Corten Steel Construction to Protect Your Consignment

Shipping Containers Perth always use marine grade Corten steel (also known as weathering steel) due to its excellent rust-retardant properties and ability to handle the constant pounding of wind and waves while at sea. Load slippage is prevented by lashing everything down to the strong, steel rings our engineers weld along the bottom rails and to the corner posts. Hardwood or plywood flooring, firmly screwed down to steel cross-members, provides a solid platform that can bear extremely heavy loads. With regular maintenance our containers will promise you many years of service.

Waterproof Tarpaulins on All Open Top Containers Protect Your Load

Once the consignment is lowered into place and safely secured via the lashing rings, galvanised steel roof bows (essentially rafters) are slotted in and a rear door header swivelled into position, to provide a framework, across which a tarpaulin (tarp) can be stretched. Tarps are PVC-coasted to make them waterproof and available in a range of colours. They also have a series of grommets along the side, allowing them to be lashed down to the rings using steel TIR cable, to provide a wind and waterproof seal. With open top shipping containers, roof bows are crucial in maintaining the structural integrity of the whole superstructure during transit, thus cannot be dispensed with.

Shipping Over-Height Consignments? Use an Open Top Container!

Perth and Western Australia’s burgeoning mining and industrial operations necessitate a lot of heavy equipment that simply won’t squeeze into even a 9’6” high top shipping container. In these instances, Shipping Containers Perth offer another handy solution – flat rack shipping containers. Flat racks entirely dispense with roofs, doors and walls to provide a large, sturdy platform up to 40-feet in length. Occasionally ends are put in place, allowing the units to be stacked in the same way as standard shipping containers.

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