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We have all kinds of modified shipping containers, including an ablution container, for sale.


Our team has great experience in modifying and customising shipping containers for all kinds of purposes. We have a wide range of modified shipping containers that are ready to go. In fact, we can dispatch many of these modified containers in as little as 24 hours. These modified containers are ideal to either set up or expand all kinds of work sites within a very short space of time.

From mines to construction sites and more, modified containers are a quick, practical, and affordable solution.


Providing accommodation with amenities can be an enormous expense for any business. We can provide shelters, kitchens, accommodation and ablution blocks for your employees that are conveniently located on or near your site. Our modified shipping containers will save you both time and money. It’s really the only option worth considering!

Sports events, festivals, and all kinds of other functions require sufficient clean facilities. A modified container is a great solution!


Our shipping containers that have been modified into ablution blocks provide the ideal solution for any kind of event. They are a great way to ensure your patrons and guests have sufficient clean facilities with running water. It is a necessary provision for any event, and our modified containers provide an affordable option.

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