Shipping Containers Perth offers insulated shipping boxes at the best possible prices. These top quality containers are great for several different purposes. In other words, they are both durable and versatile. To find out more, contact our knowledgeable team.

Shipping Containers Perth sells and hires out quality insulated shipping boxes.

Whether you need an insulated container over a short period, or you are looking to purchase one, we are your local experts. We ensure that all our containers meet international standards.

Do you need to keep your goods at a steady, stable temperature? An insulated container is the ideal solution. (Importantly, we do not manufacture these for goods requiring refrigeration. For that, we also manufacture refrigerated containers.)

Whether you need to store or transport goods that require a stable temperature, contact us about sourcing insulated containers at competitive rates.

Insulated containers are available in a few different sizes, and can be dispatched within as little as 24 hours!

Our insulated containers are spacious. They are available in two different lengths: 20ft as well as 40ft. Furthermore, there are two different height options. Although these containers typically come in the standard height (8’6″), we also offer a high cube option (9’6″) which offers a full additional foot in height.

No matter what you prefer, we will deliver it to you by truck, and often in 24 hours!

What’s more, our insulated containers can be repurposed for many other uses, including storage facilities and container homes.

For easy storage and transport of goods that require a steady temperature, contact our team to discuss our quality insulated shipping containers.