There are many reasons why you might need an insulated shipping container. Insulated containers are used to transport and store goods. They are used to keep goods chilled or frozen, or simply maintain a steady ambient internal temperature. Contact the team at Shipping Containers Perth for advice and pricing.

You will be surprised how many types of goods require an insulated shipping container.

Our insulated shipping containers can handle large amounts of cargo and can be used on a short or long-term basis, depending on the nature of the goods.

Although insulated shipping containers are not the same as refrigerated containers, they are often a vital component in maintaining the cold chain.

They are perfect for shorter journeys across Perth and Western Australia. Often, frozen goods being delivered only a short distance, or over a short time will be transported via an insulated container rather than a refrigerated container.

Insulated containers are suitable for the transportation and storage of dry goods; cut flowers and plants; cereals and grains; carpets and rugs; books and important documents; or any other loads that don’t need to be kept at a specific temperature to stop them from spoiling. Importantly, insulated containers protect the goods from being damaged by any kind of moisture.

Furthermore, these containers are useful as contingency storage for businesses that need to find extra space in a hurry or at peak times of year.

Insulated containers are necessary for any modification project that involves people working, sleeping or living in a converted container.

Shipping Containers Perth can take an insulated unit and convert it into a welcome refuge from searing summer heat. If you’re looking at living, sleeping or working in a shipping container, then insulation is definitely required.

For a new or modified insulated shipping container, contact us for an affordable quote and excellent service.