Shipping container homes allow building a long-lasting and environmentally friendly home for over half the price of a traditional home.

Finding the right space is the foremost thing while you look for shipping containers for sale in Perth to build home. It can be a tiny home or a shipping container mansion, whatever works best for you is possible with the help of Shipping Containers Perth.


All of that is possible when you will know what key information you need to prepare before applying:

  • Discover how to perfectly insulate your container so you can avoid huge energy bills and stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer.
  • Understand which foundation type you will want for your home and how to properly organize your place for the delivery of your shipping container in Perth.
  • Receive layout and design tips to help you decide exactly what your container home will look like.
  • Get highly experienced yet easy-to-approach professionals who will make your dream container home a reality.
  • Understand how to safely plan and design a dream home fit for your family.

When that’s done, we take the container to your new home. Give us a call on 0488 076 252. Or fill out our quote form, and we’ll be able to arrange everything for you.