Have you ever wondered why shipping containers are popular? Having been in the shipping industry for many years, we have witnessed an increasing demand for all kinds of shipping containers. And the demand is coming from a wide range of industries, not just shipping, as well as individuals. 

4 main reasons why shipping containers are popular:

  1. Transporting goods
  2. Storing goods
  3. Easily mobile
  4. Scope for modification

In essence, shipping containers are popular due to their many uses. It is their sheer versatility that increasingly attracts attention.

Of course, these containers are designed and manufactured with transport in mind. We manufacture a wide range of top quality corten steel containers. Our range includes both standard as well as specialised shipping containers. The different types and sizes of containers are designed to ship different types of cargo.

They are secure, robust, and can be stacked on top of each other, making them perfect for transport and storage. (For example, they’re great for farms to store equipment, offices to store supplies, etc.) You can opt to store your containers on site, or in a container yard. Either way, they are incredibly durable and secure.

Because they can be delivered, moved, and removed as needed, shipping containers are used for many other purposes as well.

Our team has extensive experience modifying shipping containers. Everything from accommodation to business fronts and swimming pools is possible using containers as your ‘building blocks’. If you have a container project in mind, contact our experienced team to transform your ideas into reality.