At Shipping Containers Perth, we sell new, used, and modified shipping containers. Our custom modification projects range from simple to extraordinary and innovative. So if you want to take advantage of this pool design trend and get a shipping container pool in western Australia, contact our team today!

Why opt for a shipping container pool in Western Australia?

Having a swimming pool is a definite plus for any property owner. It provides a great way to relax and cool off in the heat of summer. Any parent will tell you just how much kids love having a pool in their backyard! Furthermore, adding a pool immediately upgrades your home’s outdoor space. Thereby increasing your property value!

But why a shipping container as opposed to more conventional options?

Shipping containers are built to be sturdy and robust. This will, therefore, be a long-lasting pool and a great pool solution. Plus, there is very little maintenance involved.

Their rectangular shape is also a bonus! As a general rule, containers are quite narrow and fairly long with many metres in length. This, then, makes containers an ideal option for a lap pool.

Like traditional pools, fibreglass pools or concrete pools that are container pools can be placed in the ground. However, because shipping containers are so sturdy, you have the additional option of simply placing the container on the ground for an easy pool installation of a backyard pool. This saves the effort, pool cost,  and expense of digging a hole in your yard for ground pools, making it cost effective. Furthermore, this makes it relatively easier to move your pool if you want to change its position.

If you are thinking about investing in a shipping container pool in western Australia, contact the experts at Shipping Containers Perth.